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Opt-Out of the Biden tax Hike by Angie Bhasin

March 25, 2021

Opt-Out of the Biden tax Hike by Angie Bhasin

  1.  What are the new Tax laws that can affect you?
  2. How can you plan for these changes and avoid the hefty hikes?
  3. Major changes that you can use to your advantage and put money back into your pocket!
  4. Why proactive tax planning is a MUST and much more!

Angie Bhasin, CPA, CTC, CTP, MBA

Angie Bhasin is a Certified Tax Planner/Coach and a Certified Public Accountant. She is the recipient of the prestigious Certified Tax Planner of the Year Award-2020, bestowed by the American Institute of Certified Tax Planners.
Angie graduated with Baccalaureate in Commerce from India (Magna Cum Laude) and Masters in Business Administration from US International University, San Diego (Summa Cum Laude). She spends considerate time and effort each other staying abreast of all tax law changes in order to provide state-of-the-art service to her clients and also educate other professionals.
Angie is the founder of premier, industry-leading 100% virtual advisory firm that provides proactive tax planning solutions and customized tax strategies for busy executives and high net-worth individuals all over the country. She offers a high level of personalized service making it easier for her clients to understand their current situation and what is required in order to gain more control over their finances, lower their tax liabilities, increase cash inflow and build/grow wealth. She provides exceptional value to her clients by designing customized inventive and legal tax strategies for her clients pursuant, equipping them to live fruitful lives and leave lasting legacies for their families and beyond.
Angie is over-committed to the success of her clients.
While tax preparation provides a record of past data, tax planning uses a proactive approach to create opportunities to rescue thousands of dollars in wasted tax. Small businesses and individuals must be PROACTIVE about managing their taxes. Major corporations have access to such strategies through their tax/legal departments. Angie is very passionate about bringing this service within the reach of small business owners so they can put more of their hard-earned money back in their own pockets. Her experiences encompass helping her clients in the following industries: Self-Employed Healthcare Practitioners, Dentists and Dental practices, Real Estate Professionals and Investors, Restaurants, Information Technology, Manufacturing, Construction and other Service Industries.
Angie is extremely passionate about educating taxpayers about the significance of pro-active tax planning and tactics to increase profits, improve cash flow, and grow generational wealth. She is a professional speaker, frequently presenting at Conferences and Mastermind Meetings sharing tax savings strategies with the audiences in order to educate them to STOP DONATING to the IRS. Her excellent credentials,professionalism, and affable personality allow her to provide expert advice on tax issues to thousands of taxpayers.
She lives in California with her family, an amazing husband and two beautiful daughters. She is a foodie and love to go for long walks, listening to her favorite podcasts on taxes, quite a tax nerd!

Presentation Topics:

• Benefits of Proactive Tax Planning
• Tax Reduction Strategies for YOUR Small Business
• Improving Cash Flow & Building Wealth
• Advanced High-Net-Worth Tax Tactics
• Virtual Office Success

Angie Bhasin

is a CPA, Certified Tax Planner, and professional speaker who has been a CPA since 2002. She has helped her clients save thousands of dollars by proactively employing advanced tax reduction strategies. Angie helps small business owners put more of their hard- earned money back in their pockets. Angie regularly presents at small and large conferences and mastermind groups, educating audiences on ways to strategically reduce taxes and stop donating to the IRS. If you need a seasoned speaker who is sure to be a huge hit with your group, call Angie Bhasin!

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“Angie presented on tax planning during our annual conference which was attended by business owners, IT professionals, students, and young professionals. She was very professional and had extensive knowledge regarding strategies to help avoid/reduce taxes. Additionally, she gave us a better understanding of investments and other financial planning from a tax perspective.”

Bidja Subedi

President, GNPN

“We were very impressed with Angie as she presented the recent webinar on the CARES Act for Real Estate Investors. She tailored the content specifically to our investors’ needs. Several of them have already reached out to her directly to assist them with their specific tax strategy planning. We are looking forward to having Angie present additional valuable topics to our network.”

Param Singh

Spur Equity


March 25, 2021
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